An Easter Invitation

An Easter invitation for our readers.

Simon Peter answered him “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life. We believe and know that you are the Holy One of God.” John 6:68-69
Have you been waiting for just the right moment to ask that friend, coworker, family member or neighbor to church? Well, opportunity is knocking on your door! Easter is a great opening for that invitation! Many non-Christians go to church on this holiday and this could be the friendly tap that they need! It’s not as hectic as Christmas and might seem less threatening.
My church has got to be the best church on the planet (Fellowship Church) I am so excited about Easter this year because my pastor passionately encouraged everyone to invite someone to church this Sunday. His Easter messages along with the dramas and Praise and Worship are the best of the best, anointed and geared for the “seeker” on this day! I am anticipating the weekend with great faith in what God can and will do!!
This is what it is all about, planting, watering, sowing and reaping souls into the kingdom! Nothing else during your lifetime can compare to the blessing of being the servant that God allows to walk with a lost soul as they cross the threshold of enteral safety into His arms! You only have to experience this once before you are addicted to evangelism and also humbled by the very Presence, mercy and grace of God!
If you don’t know what your gifts or calling is, know this…..we are all called to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ! God’s will is that everyone come to Jesus and be saved (John 6:38-40). So step out in confidence, because God will bless you in your boldness and faith! Don’t get discouraged by a “no thank you” or a “maybe next time”……because you have just planted and maybe even watered a seed!! And in the process, you’ve become a part of God’s pursuit for that person! What an awesome realization! If every Christian would just bring one person to church this Sunday, could you imagine the Spirit filled ripples that it would create! Be bold for your Lord and don’t allow the enemy to whisper thoughts of doubt or insignificance in your ear!
Remember to display the fruit of the Spirit (Gal.5:22 & 23) as you step out. Don’t confuse boldness with being pushy or irritating. Extend a Godly hand of invitation and even if it is turned down, you have taken a step in evangelizing this individual! It is all God’s timing not ours, that is so hard to remember at times! God reminded me of this on Sunday, when a person that I have been asking for the last five years finally said “yes!” they would come! I was so nervous when I ask and my speech was twisted and anything but eloquent…..

That was God’s way of taking the focus off of me and putting it on Him. He gently reminded me that I was just the servant and the instrument! Believe it or not, that takes all of the pressure off! God is the One who moves a heart to be burdened, not us. Our part is simply obedience. You could possess the most articulate oratory skills and motivational ways but, God is the One who prompts ..(John 6:65).. He just uses us through our surrender and willingness, to get the job done! To be chosen is an honor!

So go to the Lord in prayer and ask Him to lay someone on your heart and for the opportunity to approach this person. Pray for the words and then let God lead you in the rest! I will be in prayer that God bless each person that takes this bold step for Him this Easter!

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