America’s Heart & Soul

On July 2nd, just in time to celebrate Fourth of July, a very rare phenomenon will occur — a truly patriotic movie will come to a theater near you. Called AMERICA’S HEART AND SOUL, it is a movie that will make you want to stand up and cheer for America.
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AMERICA’S HEART AND SOUL is a beautifully photographed ode to the best in America — a Spirit-filled documentary celebrating what is good in the USA. This captivating documentary introduces us to individuals around the country, from Thomas Roudy Roudebush, one of the last cowboys in Colorado, to dairy farmer musician George Woodard, to aerobatic pilot Patty Wagstaff, to Olympic boxer Michael Bennett, to blind mountain climber Erik Weihenmayer, who is climbing the tallest peak on each of the seven continents, to jazz musician James Andrews, to oil well firefighter Ace Barnes, to gospel singer Mosie Burks, and many more.
AMERICA’S HEART AND SOUL presents captivating portraits of people full of faith and values. In the process, it teaches us something about America and
something about the soul.
The movie is peppered with great faithful reflections. Mosie Burks had to take care of her younger siblings after her mother died. She would work and cook all night and then go to bed praying for miracles; the next morning, God would provide through a loving neighbor or unknown benefactor.
One vineyard owner talks about God’s glory and Jesus’ first miracle. Another asks if Jesus came back, what kind of car would He drive? Another talks about the sovereignty of God. And, another claims that “God blesses me to bless Him.” Furthermore, the gospel songs, as well as the other music, are faithful and terrific.
AMERICA’S HEART AND SOUL tugs at the heartstrings, and the photography is superb. The music is representative of the different individuals. It is
several movie vignettes that have come together to form a seamless whole. This is a courageous movie to distribute and should make everyone who sees it stand up and cheer for America.
If you love your country, you will want to see this movie when it opens. It has a limited marketing budget and will not stay around unless YOU support it.
Please take your family and friends and stand up for America by going to see AMERICA’S HEART AND SOUL.
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See AMERICA┬╣S HEART AND SOUL when it opens in on July 2nd, 2004!
Submitted by Ted Baehr, Movieguide ®. Used with permission.


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