America’s Frontline Doctors Release YouTube Complaint

~The CDC is fearmongering, trying to scare people away from taking the Covid vaccination, and yet YouTube is silent!~

This is the tongue-in-cheek announcement made by America’s Frontline Doctors in their latest press release where they state that AFLDS has filed a complaint with YouTube because the CDC content violates YouTube’s own policy “prohibiting posting videos that contradict the WHO.” That is the policy that YouTube quotes when it censors AFLDS physicians and scientists and journalists.

AFLDS points out that YouTube allows the CDC to go unchecked. and asks, “Why does YouTube enforce its own policy selectively?”

In their complaint, AFLDS points out to YouTube that by permitting the CDC but censoring AFLDS, YouTube is showing flagrant bias and deviation from its own policies. Here are some examples.

CDC member, Dr. Sanchez, in the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) meeting to the CDC stated, the young are generally not at “severe” risk from Covid. But the WHO says the young are at risk. The CDC says the interval between shots needs to be lengthened. But the WHO says otherwise, minimizing and hiding any safety risks.

AFLDS doctors and medical scientists have been saying for more than one year what the CDC now belatedly acknowledges.

The CDC is now admitting the harms associated with the boosters. The CDC is now admitting the young have extremely low risk from Covid. And YouTube is permitting these statements even though such statements violate YouTube’s (erroneous) policies.

AFLDS believes it is time YouTube to admit they were wrong about their unfair application of policies.

The CDC is now providing information that is finally in line with AFLDS and other medical doctors who have been silenced and have had their careers threatened. Many outspoken doctors have lost their positions due to misinformation and fake news from the WHO and CDC broadcast by the mainstream media and carried on social media platforms and YouTube.

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