American Girl Tries to Restore Image

“American Girl is trying to restore its wholesome image with pro-life families,” said Ann Scheidler, executive director of the Chicago-based Pro-Life Action League. “Their efforts at damage control show how effective our protest and boycott have been.”
“In contrast to American Girl’s affiliation with pro-abortion Girls Inc, they have just launched a major ad campaign, designed to protect girls from growing up too fast,” said Scheidler. “The sudden about-face is clearly a response to our boycott of American Girl during the Christmas shopping season.”
The “Save Girlhood” ad campaign, the first ad campaign in the company’s history, seeks to preserve girls’ innocence and suggests wholesome, fun activities for girls and their parents. The campaign includes a new website,
“The ‘I Can’ bracelet project which funded Girls Inc. abruptly comes to an end December 26,” said Scheidler. “This new ‘Save Girlhood’ project proves that consumers can demand integrity from a company by refusing to buy its products when it betrays its consumers’ trust.”

“The League’s boycott and the pickets have been highly successful. We are happy that American Girl is trying to win back our confidence. But we continue to be watchful,” said Scheidler.
The Pro-Life Action League called for a boycott of American Girl on November 1, to continue through the Christmas shopping season. The League held pickets at American Girl Place in Chicago on November 25 and December 3, and at American Girl Place on Fifth Avenue in New York on December 10.
American Girl began de-emphasizing the “I Can” project within days of the League’s first press release decrying the link with Girls Inc. Bath and Body Works, the only other outlet for purchasing the “I Can” bracelet, quit the project in late November. The League has distributed thousands of “You have betrayed our trust” brochures.

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