Amazon Original ‘The Wild’ Pushes Immorality & Wokeness for Teens

~ Review: Amazon original series “The Wilds” is a plastic, poisonous dose of immorality and wokeness for teens ~

Amazon Original ‘The Wild’ Pushes Immorality for Teens

The Amazon series “The Wilds” is a plastic, poisonous dose of immorality and wokeness for teen girls. Supposedly on a wilderness experimental retreat to develop their strengths, and push them past their social and psychological and issues, the television program is guaranteed to do the opposite. It will damage your teenage girls morally and emotionally by cramming more poisonous woke nonsense down their throats.

Stranded in the wilderness, the girls must rely on themselves and each other to overcome obstacles, but that doesn’t stop the incessant flashbacks to their former lives with statuatory rape, promiscuity, lying, drinking, recreational drugs, manipulating and being very woke = very immoral and very uninformed.

No Christian Beliefs Allowed

There is one Christian girl, but Shelby is Hollywood’s typical clueless, judgmental, Christian Who Hides A Dark Secret. When Shelby is inundated with vulgar language and pantomime depicting lesbian sex, she gets upset and tells the girls to stop. She explains that as a Christian, this behavior bothers her.

“I’ll be as honest as possible, because you all deserve that,” Shelby says. “I do believe that life is a sin. Hey, but there is no hate in my heart,” she explains.

Amazon makes its message crystal clear. “Get the cross out of your a$$,” she is crassly told.

“Am I not allowed to have my own beliefs?” Shelby inquires.

“NOT THOSE ONES,” is the reverberating pat answer Christians have come to expect from Amazon and Hollywood, and “The Wild” regurgitates that answer word for word.

Shelby is informed that disliking a lifestyle IS in fact, hate. No it’s not. Do you hate everyone you disagree with? Nope.

But wait! Plot twist! Hollywood stupidly makes Shelby kiss the lesbian. So much for Shelby hating her.

Interestingly, the Muslim girl apparently has no problem whatsoever with the homosexuality her religion teaches is punishable by death. But the Christian girl cannot say she thinks that lifestyle is a sin without being roundly rebuked by the Christaphobes at Amazon.

Gynatopia Is as Dumb as It Sounds

Colonialism, the patriarchy, racism, the LGTBAlphabet, feminism/female empowerment, #metoo… I’m waiting for climate change because all the other pet woke causes are there… oh wait! Greta Thunberg pops up in Episode 7. Check off climate change. Could this series get any dumber?

Yes. Yes it can. They have been stranded for two weeks at this point with no food and no real shelter. Anyone buying this is more clueless than these girls are. But Gynatopia is the stated purpose of this wilderness experiment. This may be the dumbest show I have ever seen.

Episode 7 is my last. I don’t like the predictable wrong messages being rammed down my throat, the non-stop wokeness, the insipid storylines and unlikeable, unrealistic, shallow girls. I find low entertainment value and no redeeming qualities in this Amazon series. No wonder we have young women having meltdowns when they can’t bring their dogs inside restaurants and screaming when someone tells them no in a store.

What Poison Are You Letting Your Kids Eat?

What poison are you letting your kids ingest through the media and programming you allow into your home? Hollywood has literally been poisoning our children in front of our eyes for decades, and all of us who turn a blind eye and accept it are equally guilty. Shows aimed at 2-year-olds, kids, tweens and teens are full of immoral philosophies and mental illness that will harm the emotional, mental and psychological well being of your children.

Pay attention. Step up. Step in. Say no. Turn the TV off. Protect your kids. Be the parent.

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