All Men Are Not Pigs by Kevin Sussman — Book Review

If you do an Amazon search for All Men Are Not Pigs by Kevin Sussman and read the reviews, you will find that Sussman has apparently hit a nerve with readers in a way that really seems to connect with them. From my own reading of the book, it is obvious that Sussman understands a lot of the dynamics between men and women and that he has spent much time listening to his female friends talk about the issues in their relationships. As a man, Sussman also has a clear grasp of the male point of view.
Raised in a religious home, Sussman took another path in his dating relationships for a while, so he fully understands his carnal nature, but when he returned to his faith, he began to apply a great deal of thought to spiritual truths and moral and ethical issues about how to relate to women. Sussman implements these Biblical principles as he tries to help women navigate the oft-times treacherous channels of relationships.
Sussman encourages women to get to know themselves better as well as to understand male behavior, motivation, drive and subtle clues. It is certainly an admirable undertaking. One of the book’s highlights is Sussman’s verse by verse analysis of 1 Corinthians 13.
However, while one Amazon reviewer said the book’s “easy-to-understand thoughts can be implemented by anyone in a relationships,” I found some of the writing to be convoluted with hard to follow segues from one thought to another. As an example, at times Sussman attempts to apply some principle or other to single women and married women at the same time, jumping from one audience to another back and forth. And as a picky note, the large print text might have better served an older readership.
Pickiness aside, All Men Are Not Pigs offers some interesting insights into male/female dating dynamics. It is available on

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