All Gas. No Brake – Stellar Kart

All Gas. No Brake – Stellar Kart (Word)
This “Stellar” debut, from Christian music’s newest pop-punk band Stellar Kart, is the first standout disc of the year. The Phoenix-based band, whose members range in age from 20-23, offer up eleven tracks (10 originals, 1 cover) which mix edgy music, simple yet effective lyrics, and messages that are relevant to today’s youth (such as suicide and abstinence).
The CD opens up with the energetic punk-rock of “Student Driver”. This catchy tune drives home the message that we can’t do life on our own and that it’s O.K. to depend on God. “Second Chances”, with its clear message that no matter what we do God will forgive us at the asking, was inspired by the guys ongoing work with Silver Ring Thing (an abstinence program). Slowing the pace a bit is the love song “Come Back Home”, written by vocalist Adam Agee for his wife. Following “Spending Time” is the only non-original tune on the disc, a cover of the Bon Jovi classic “Livin’ on a Prayer.” Fitting perfectly in the middle of the CD is the worship tune “A Love Song”, which hearkens back to the bands youth group/worship roots. “Superstar” is a song about teen suicide. The band has lost friends to suicide, and they feel it’s their duty to convince kids that ending their life is not the answer. The bands attitude on life (“Life is good eternal life is better”) resonates through the catchy “Life Is Good”. “Tree Climber”, which clocks in at 29 seconds, is a fast-paced song in honor of Zacchaeus. The CD closes with the fun “Gone Fishin” (about following the Great Commission) and the acoustic-tinged “Finish Last” (with the title originating from a verse in Matthew).
With this solid (and fun) debut, the guys in Stellar Kart should prepare themselves for a phenomenal year in Christian music-dom. From start to finish, All Gas. No Brake has got the fuel to make it.
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