Aim4Faith Ministries In Pakistan

The mission of Aim4Faith Ministries is to spread the Gospel through, Radio, Biblical literature, Cassettes, preaching, teaching, and helping Christians with their basic needs of life, so that they may grow in Christian faith and spirit in suffering, hardships and troubles.
Our Ministry is conducting under mentioned activities with the grace of our Lord and Savior:
Preaching the Gospel through Seminar
Reaching the outreach through Radio Ministry
Sunday schools
Bible Study Classes
To Provide the valued Education with Child Friendly Method
To create awareness of the Basic & Human rights, Interfaith Harmony, Peace, Value of Gender, health & current Global Issues
Creating the opportunities for education for children and youth. (Free books /bags and Scholarships & Bibles & Biblical materials). Promoting students for higher education.
Providing Translation services in Native Languages
We are recording and broadcasting the Radio Programs in Urdu and Punjabi (these are the native languages of Pakistan which are spoken in Pakistan as well as India and few other countries) to spread the Gospel to all parts of the word and especially Pakistan. We are also recording the worship Music that is to utilize all the modern equipments to spread the Word of God.
We give the free Bibles to children and believers that they can understand the Lord’s work and can see the light of wisdom. Most of the believers are not able to buy the bibles the root cause is poverty
We have opened the schools for Brick Kiln Children & street Children at their work place. These children come to school after their work. At present we have 80 students (but still there are hundreds who cannot attend school because of financial problems & lack of schools on their workplaces) from grade 1 to 5 ranging from 3 years of age to 15 years. These children are from very poor families and cannot afford schooling. We are running school with the objective to provide these poor children a better education free of cost. We support them by providing them school uniforms, books and stationary material.
We arrange the seminars and advocacy campaigns to create the awareness among the children as well as the parents and community. We are providing the translation support to translate the Biblical material in Urdu and all other Pakistani Languages.
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