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Let me start off by saying that you need to get this CD! As I listened to each of the eleven songs found on it I kept saying to myself, “I can’t believe that Wherever You Are is Adam McInnis’ full-length debut release.” The songs found on it are so well written and every part of each song falls right into place like that of a well-placed jigsaw puzzle piece.
Adam comes from a unique heritage of having a Black Scottish/American Indian father who was an evangelist, and a Russian mother who was a classically trained folk and opera singer.
Tragedy struck Adam’s life early though when his father died, and with him being the only son he had to take over the reigns of being the man of the house at the young age of 15.

Something like that could have made Adam lose his faith and become bitter about life, which it did for several years until at 20 he found his faith again. Maybe it’s that struggle that makes his music so passionate and honest.
When asked about his music Adam says, “A lot of what comes through is hope” he continued, “I talk about real life with all its ups and downs, but I believe new doors will open if you have hope.”
Musically his style has been compared to artist like, Cat Stevens, Peter Gabriel, Sting, Bob Marley, Jack Johnson, Coldplay, Ben Harper, and Seal. He describes it himself though as, “alternative rock meets singer-songwriter soul.”

I loved every song found on “Wherever You Are”, so it’s hard to just pick one or two to talk about but I’ll try. The first and title track, “Wherever You Are,” is a melody filled song that deals with unconditional love. Track-4, “More Than Meets the Eye,” is a powerful anthem about making a positive impact on this world with our lives. Track-6, “Take These Wings,” is a real rocker filled with organ sounds, and talks about making the decision to really live your life like you know you should. Track-9, “Say A Little Prayer,” Adam says was written for the troops. It’s written from the perspective and mindset of a solider. Track-11, “Forever One,” brought a real tear to my eye. The song is written from the perspective of Adam’s deceased father talking to his wife from heaven. It’s a very beautiful and touching, melodic song. The final track, “I’m the One,” is also interesting adding a change of pace with its dance club beats. The idea of the song is what would Jesus think and do if He walked in to a modern dance club.
If you haven’t figured it out yet- I really loved this release. I played this CD the whole way through and immediately had to play the whole release over again, it’s that good!

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