ACLU Continues Hypocrisy

The ACLU along with several other organizations have filed a lawsuit against the President’s administration alleging that the National Security Agency must stop a surveillance program that has been in place since just after 9-11-01.
The facts are clear in this case. President Bush has initiated monitoring of phone calls from terrorists overseas who are calling people in the United States of America. President Clinton used the same exact wiretaps without warrants in cases where National Security was not involved. President Bush is using the same Clinton policy to protect our National Security.
Where were these attack dogs in the Clinton era?
Don Swarthout, President of Christians Reviving America’s Values said, “This is one of the worst cases of the ACLU undermining America that I have ever seen. The ACLU has become the legal arm of Al Qaeda.”
“Let’s not forget about what the terrorists did to our nation on 9-11-01. We must never forget about their attacks upon our nation and the fact that they frequently attack us in other countries, according to Swarthout.
“America is at war and we had all better come to realize that fact. One of our top priorities should be to blunt the ACLU’s undermining the U.S. war on terrorism.” Swarthout said.
The plaintiffs include the ACLU, James Bamford, Christopher Hitchens, Tara McKelvey, Barnett Rubin and Larry Diamond. There is no evidence that the government has wire tapped their phone calls. This case is nothing more than a fishing expedition.
Advocacy groups the likes of Council on American Islamic Relations, Greenpeace and the NACDL are also leading this charge. These groups are people from which one could expect such an action.
Swarthout said, “This is a case of ACLU radicals undermining the security of 290 million Americans. We must take a stand.”
“It is time for all real Americans to stand up and take their places in this all out battle for the land we love,” Swarthout said.
“The ACLU is as dangerous as any organization in America today. Christians Reviving America’s Values has written to most of our United States Congressmen and ALL of our United States Senators asking them to hold a Congressional Hearing into the activities and agenda of the ACLU. We must expose their dangerous agenda,” Swarthout concluded.

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