Ack! The Nantucket Duckling–Childrens Book Review

Ack! The Nantucket Duckling is a children’s book about self-acceptance

On the island of Nantucket lived a little duckling with a big problem. Ack is afraid to march in the annual Duckling Parade. Will he be laughed at because his beak is so different? Or will he find a way to avoid the Parade before it’s too late?

Ack! The Nantucket Duckling Review

The colorful, whimsical children’s book tells the tale of Ack! The Nantucket Duckling. Born with a strange beak, Ack is ashamed of his odd appearance and strange quack, much like his friend Wilson is embarrassed by his glasses. But fate brings them together in the nick of time for them to realize that what makes them different makes them stronger.

Based on a real annual event–the Nantucket Duckling Parade–Ack! The Nantucket Duckling teaches a lesson as old as The Ugly Duckling, but modernized and somewhat diluted for today’s PC culture. The book encourages self-acceptance as Ack transforms from timid, self-doubting duckling to unlikely hero.

The story of Ack! The Nantucket Duckling can help parents, educators, and others engage with children on a variety of important topics, including bullying and special needs. If you are looking for a Christmas gift for a child with special needs or insecurities, this story might fit the bill.

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