Acappella in Ecuador

The five new members of the award-winning group, Acappella, recently returned from a trip to Ecuador where they met hundreds of children who are assisted by the worldwide organization, Compassion International. Visiting local church partners in Guayaquil and Otavalo, Acappella had an opportunity to interact with children of all ages. All of the children registered in Compassion’s program receive educational opportunities, health care, life skills and vocational programs and regular Christian training through the local churches.
Acappella is one of more than 100 Christian musicians taking up the cause of the poor and speaking out for those suffering from poverty as a part of Compassion International’s Music Program. “The members of Acappella have been wonderful advocates throughout the years speaking on behalf of children in poverty,” said Brian DeKam, Artist Relations Manager for Compassion International. “Their passion for children was evident throughout our recent visit and I am so thankful for their support of Compassion’s ministry.”
Having been partnered with Compassion for over five years, the members of Acappella were equally enriched by the trip.
“While we were in Ecuador, I was constantly reminded, every day, of how the love of God is so universal,” said group member, Allen Brantley. “Even though there are language and cultural barriers, the love language of God lives in the heart of every man and woman. The workers who serve in Compassion minister to children who otherwise wouldn’t have come to know Jesus in any other way. And through growing up in the Lord, they in turn, minister to others in their community throughout their lives. We are so blessed to have the opportunity to work alongside Compassion international and help change the world one child at a time.”
In addition to their heavy U.S. touring schedule coinciding with the release of their latest CD, RADIANCE, Acappella has traveled to Jamaica, Guyana and Japan in the past few months alone.
Now in its 24th year, Acappella Ministries has gained numerous awards and accolades over the years, in addition to selling over 3 million albums. Their music has been featured in a national ad campaign for Sony as well as on the soundtrack of the movie “The Fighting Temptations.” Following in the footsteps of talented predecessors, Allen Brantley, Robin Brannon, Zac George, Jordan House and Zach Wilson now comprise the Acappella line-up and are the featured vocalists on the new cd, RADIANCE, which releases at the end of May. The first radio single, “Lord Save Me,” is currently being added to playlists across the country.
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