About the Passion of the Christ

I read Lisa Beville’s article about “The Passion” in Christian
Activities On-Line. Thanks for that article plus the others (including
Mel Gibson’s comments) about the movie.
Now that people everywhere are talking about this film, I thought you
might be interested in our non-commercial web site, which is is used by
teachers, students and the general public both in the US and throughout
the English-speaking world. It links to thousands of primary sources.
Because so many people are asking for historical information behind
Gibson’s film (for example: why did Rome rule Israel in the first
century; what was life like then; what did Jesus teach; what happened to
a person who was crucified; why did the Jewish religious leaders reject
Jesus as Messiah, etc.), Christians have a unique opportunity to help
unbelievers find Christ. For that reason, we created a story about the
movie’s background using many pictures of the actual places and
paintings of the actual events. Here’s the link to it:http://www.awesomestories.com/movies/passion_christ/passion_christ_ch1.htm

I think your readers would appreciate your including this as a link to
your web site – and so would we!
God Bless You.
Carole Bos


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