ABC Nashville’s choir boy — Sean Butler (Tilky Jones)

ABC’s most popular new show, “Nashville,” features a plethora of regular and returning characters that are supposed to embody the various personalities found in Nashville’s country music scene, as well as characters like wholesome pro football player, Sean Butler (Tilky Jones).
Rayna Jaynes (Connie Britton) has been more or less a pillar of relative virtue standing up to her high-powered and manipulative father Lamar Wyatt (Powers Boothe) and putting up with her weak-willed mayoral-wannabee husband Teddy Conrad (Eric Close) while navigating the often treacherous waters of the country music industry with apparent integrity. Although she had a relationship with guitarist Deacon Claybourne (Charles Esten), she has been faithful to Teddy since she married him. But their are hints she and Deacon may rekindle that old flame.

However, in Episode 6, a refreshing character is introduced to the show when Juliette Barnes (Hayden Panettiere) is set up on a publicity date with with rookie quarterback pro football player Sean Butler a wholesome Tim Tebow type.
Sean drinks club soda when Juliette takes him clubbing, earning him the nickname “choir boy” from Juliette. In Episode 7, nice-guy Sean reveals he isn’t into casual sex, and that he respects women too much to have sex with them outside the confines of marriage. It will be interesting to see how Sean’s character develops, but kudos to ABC for having a clean-cut, principled character on “Nashville” without making him dysfunctional.
This makes the 4th recurring television role for actor and singer Tilky Jones, who has also appeared on “One Tree Hill,” “Single Ladies,” and “Pretty Little Liars.”
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