A Wobots Christmas




The animated holiday special “A Wobots Christmas” (Porchlight Entertainment) will by aired by TBN, the world’s leading faith and family friendly network, on Christmas Day December 25th at 2:00 p.m. (PST).
This animated story centers around a little orphaned boy named “Zak” who has never learned the true meaning of Christmas. Zak hates the Holidays because to him, it is all about selling toys… toys that he will never receive. Zak spends his days toiling away on the orphanage assembly line. To make matters worse, Zak is the butt of all the other kids’ jokes because of a speech impediment that makes his r’s sound like w’s.
One day the orphanage headmaster sends Zak to return a defective PD3 office assistant robot to the mall. Zak feels a kinship to this misfit robot because he sometimes feels “defective” himself. When he realizes that his new “wobot” friend will be melted down, he saves him from the fire and the pair end up in Scraptown, the underworld home of all rejected androids. There they befriend Lifter, a strong yet cowardly robot; Shinyman 500, a high-class butler android who is oblivious to his defects; KDK, a multitasker who becomes confused by too many tasks; and Eleven-Eleven, a genius cursed with a head too big for his skinny android body. Meanwhile, Boggin DeMoto, the evil ruler of Scraptown, hatches a devious plan to brainwash the children of Zak’s orphanage and use them as soldiers to take over the city above on Christmas Eve. Appalled by DeMoto’s evil scheme, Zak and his “wobot” friends flee Scraptown. In the desert, they find refuge with a kindly elderly robot named Commodore, who teaches them the true meaning of Christmas.

Inspired by Commodore’s message of love, Zak now realizes that the Holidays are worth saving. He and his crew of misfit robots use each of their unique talents to thwart DeMoto’s evil plan. They save the orphans and keep Christmas alive. To learn more “A Wobots Christmas” visit http://www.tbn.org/index.php/2/4/p/625.html.
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