A Wave of Love: Christians Respond to the South Asia Crisis

We’ve all watched in amazement over the last weeks as the death count in southern Asia has risen to numbers that seem almost too large to comprehend. Rescue workers from all over the world are scrambling to save lives and stretch their resources to keep the death toll from climbing even more. If they don’t get the help they desperately need immediately, thousands more will die in the weeks to come.
Due to the unprecedented scale of the devastation caused by the recent tsunamis, our effort to give needs to be equally unprecedented. There has been a huge response from Christians in America wanting to show Christ’s love to people affected by this desperate situation. But to be most helpful, they need someone to direct them specifically and let them know how they can give.
The Christian music and media industries are joining forces to provide a place Christians can go to share their love with those in need. “A Wave of Love: Christians Respond to the South Asia Crisis” is a special relief campaign designed to bring together Christian charities, artists, radio stations, and record companies to use their voices and mobilize Christians to act at this critical time.
“There are many Christian charities, media and artists who are already helping with the relief efforts,” says Christopher Rednerof Food for the Hungry, campaign director for the trunami outreach. “But this is a huge crisis that needs the kind of response that happens when a wide range of people and charities work together. This campaign is designed to make it easier for Christians to unite to produce a wave of overwhelming love and support for the people affected by this terrible disaster.”
“A Wave of Love” will include radio announcements and specials, a website and Internet campaign, and a possible television program to send out a call to Christians to respond to the southern Asia crisis and give to participating Christian charities.
“We are overwhelmed by the generosity of all who are coming together to provide for these victims … but we can’t stop now when so many still need our help,” says Food for the Hungry president Ben Homan. Food for the Hungry was delivering aid less than 24 hours after the tsunamis hit and is working with other partners to deliver critically needed clean water, food, shelter and clothing.
Van Hohe, general manager of Festival Con Dios, stresses the necessity of getting Christians directly involved in the ongoing relief effort, saying, “I really feel that God will be glorified in this and that we will see Christians living their faith.”
All Christian artists, charities, media and creative professionals are invited to contribute their efforts to the campaign by calling Christopher Redner at (253) 874-8400 or by writing AWaveOfLove@ChildrenInNeed.com.


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