A New Way to Experience Proverbs

~Pray.com Launches New Proverbs Audio Series to Provide Biblical Wisdom for Modern Times~

 As it grows its biblical audio content for members, Pray.com adds “God’s Wisdom: 31 Days of Proverbs” to its line-up to deliver The Book of Proverbs’ wisdom, depth, and insight straight to the heart through the spoken word in modern, more easily understandable language.

“This new and dynamic take on Proverbs will grip the heart of our listeners and bring inspiration to people of all generations,” said Max Bard, Pray.com VP of Content. “This audio experience provides a perspective and paraphrase of the Book of Proverbs that recaptures its wisdom in words that are more common and poetic. It strives to help people hear the living Word of God in a way that engages them regardless of where they are in their faith journey.”

Reminiscent of the cadence of modern oratory like that of the hit Broadway musical, “Hamilton,” the narrator integrates the spirit of the original scripture while emphasizing the poetic rhythm of the verses. A subtle, melodic underscore adds depth to the audio experience, helping it to feel more immersive as the listener’s attention is focused on the words.

Known as the Book of Wisdom, Proverbs provides its readers and listeners with Godly wisdom, instructions for righteous living, and discernment for distinguishing between right and wrong. Its teachings are no less relevant in this day and age, but such a modern interpretation may help younger audiences to understand and apply their practicality.

“We are excited to launch this new content, and we hope our members find it as helpful for them as it has been for us during our time focused on these words of wisdom while working to give them a modern sound,” Bard added. “The Scriptures’ adherence to the original meaning remains intact while the updated language speaks to us where we are today.”

This and other prayer and Bible-based audio content can be explored at www.pray.com/discover.

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