A Gender Identity Disorder Goes Mainstream

Traditional Values Coalition has just published “A Gender Identity Disorder Goes Mainstream,” for parents, pastors, school officials, media outlets, as well as other concerned citizens.

“A Gender Identity Disorder Goes Mainstream,” describes the goals and
philosophy of the emerging Transgender movement in its attempt to gain
acceptance in our society.

According to TVC’s report, the Transgender movement is being promoted by the larger homosexual movement – and there are efforts underway to remove this Gender Identity Disorder from the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic & Statistical Manual IV (DSM-IV).

This follows moves by the homosexual community to “normalize” homosexuality to such an extent the lifestyle is now taught as an acceptable option in many school health classes. Homosexual activists have sought preferential treatment under the law through special “hate crimes” bills, as well as new “same sex partner” laws which now require many corporations to pay benefits to homosexual partners. Homosuxual “marriages” are being pushed through in some states. Instead of being being recognized as a Gender Identity Disorder today, the homosexual community is now viewed in terms of a “minority,” a “market,” and a “voting block,” and this abrupt about face in public thinking and policy was all accomplished in the span of one generation.
There was also a recent move to make pedophilia a part of the mainstream by removing the “stigma” attached by describing it as a “disorder.” Some liberal writers are now arguing that the taboo against bestiality should be broken.

If sexual orientation isn’t clearly defined in a statute, these abnormal sexual behaviors will hide behind the catch-all phrase “sexual orientation.” These are sexual disorientations or psychosexual disorders and have been recognized as such by medical science for many decades. They should not be normalized by legislation protected by special laws.

“We are not helping people overcome their sexual confusion, by redefining
what is normal,” said Sheldon. “These individuals suffer from mental
disturbances frequently brought on by childhood sexual traumas. They need
help, not social approval or protected class status under sexual orientation

“A Gender Identity Disorder Goes Mainstream” is available for downloading
from TVC’s web site: http://www.traditionalvalues.org/TVSSR301.PDF.



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