A Collection of Easter Poetry

Happy Easter! This is a collection of three poems, my trinity of Easter poetry, with a link to the third, an Easter acrostic poem.

Easter Haiku

Easter morning dawns.
Behold the empty chamber:
Jesus is risen!

Wonder – an Easter Poem

Was it an ordinary day? Were shepherds in the field
with sheep idly ambling through Judean grass?
Did children play in the dusty streets? Were mothers baking bread,
mixing, pounding, stirring, doing ordinary tasks?
Did sweethearts share a chaste kiss in the olive grove’s deep shade?
Did merchants weigh their shekels while beggars asked for alms,
emaciated hands extended in hopeless pleas for aid?
Did the day drag by in ennui under the desert palms?
Or did the rocks sing of an empty tomb
while children and beggars danced
in the joyful streets of Jerusalem?
For Easter: Faint Ray of Daylight
Faint ray of daylight announced the dawning,
Lights the horizon, filling the sky.
Gone is the darkness, banished the shadows;
The sun has risen and reigns on high.
Faint ray of hope through the night of the ages –
Dawn of a greater Light, Lord Adonai.
Gone is the darkness, banished the shadows;
The Son has risen and reigns on high.

From our 2009 archives.



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