7th Heaven Star, Beverley Mitchell, Visits Mercy Ministries”




Beverley Mitchell, who stars as Lucy Camden in the CW’s hit series, 7th Heaven, visited Mercy Ministries in Nashville, Tennessee, on Sunday, November 5, 2006. Beverley and her fiancé, Michael, took pizza to the home and watched the newest episode of 7th Heaven with the girls. After the show, Beverley spent the evening signing posters for each girl, answering questions about the show and taking pictures with each one.
“Before Beverley Mitchell visited, I would watch 7th Heaven with my step-mom and it brought us so much closer as a family. Getting to visit with her in person was such a blessing and brought back good memories,” stated Kristi Milton, a resident of Mercy Ministries.
Beverley has been in Nashville working on her self-titled debut country album. The recording will include the song “Angel,” which was featured on the November 5th episode of 7th Heaven. Beverley shared with the girls the emotional story behind what inspired her to write “Angel.” She explained that it was written after the death of her best friend when she was a teenager. At that tragic moment, she realized that she faced the decision of either drawing closer to God or turning away from Him.
Christina Garcia, another resident of Mercy Ministries added, “Beverley Mitchell really touched my heart by coming to hang out and watch 7th Heaven with us. It was so moving to hear her explanation of the song ‘Angel’ that she sang on the show. She gave me so much inspiration and confidence. I now know that when I go through bad situations, they can turn out good.”
Mercy Ministries is a free residential program for young women between the ages of 13-28, who are dealing with any number of life-controlling issues. For more information about Mercy Ministries, visit www.mercyministries.org.
Beverley Mitchell is set to release January 23, 2007, and will be distributed through New Day Christian Distribution and Word Entertainment/WEA. The project is currently available at iTunes Music Store. For more information about Beverley Mitchell, visit her website at www.thebeverleymitchell.com or log on to www.daywindrecords.com.
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