3 Unusual Types of Live Acts to Hire for Gatherings & Parties

For your next large holiday gatherings or parties, consider hiring interesting live acts!

If you dance to your own tune, and want to have an event that shows that, you may be considering seeking out some unique live acts.  Images like the show Fear Factor might fill your head, but you don’t have to scare your guests to show that you’re striking or exciting.  Instead, consider some of these unusual live acts that will surprise your guests and have everyone talking about your party for years to come.

A Team of LARPers

Some of the most famously circulated wedding and party pictures are where the guests interact with someone who seems out of place.  We can see this idea in photos like a beachgoer in a swimsuit photobombing a high-class wedding or in any other collection of ‘wedding fails’ that seem to circulate the internet every couple of months.

People love the idea of something being out of place in a playful and fun way.

You can lean into this by hiring a LARPers team, live-action roleplayers, which can be anything from knights of the round table to Lord of the Ring cosplayers.  This idea is the most fun for corporate parties and formal weddings since the difference is the clearest here.

Christian Hip Hop Artists

When most people think of Christian music, they often think of the country or Christian rock.  Christian hip hop artists take a fresh spin on this, creating music to worship God while using exciting beats and creative plays on the holy word.  Although they might not work for every party, this type of group can be fantastic for a graduation party, church’s youth gathering or large birthday part.  Not only will the music catch people off guard, but it will also inspire them to stop seeing the world as such a rigid stereotype.

And speaking of music, a Christian act of any kind might be just the ticket, whether Christian pop, hip hop or heavy metal, depending upon your audience. Smaller local acts are always looking for an audience.

Strange Circus Acts

We’ve all seen the sad party clown or the magician who couldn’t pull a rabbit out of a Petco, but these aren’t the only kind of circus-themed entertainment you can hire!  Circus acts have a long history, dating back hundreds of years, of people putting their most bizarre and exciting skills to the test in new ways.  Hiring these performers for your party means that everyone will be transfixed and unable to think about anything else for weeks.

Circus performers can range from trapeze artists to contortion artists who can disappear into tiny boxes.  You could even find an escape artist that would make Houdini jealous!  Consider the theme of your event, and then what you’d like to see.  If it’s something exciting for you, there’s a high chance it’ll win over the imagination of everyone else attending your party.

Take the time to consider your acts heavily, and you can even mix and match!  Who wouldn’t want to see a knight to interact with a circus clown or Christian hip hop artist, after all?

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