2024’s Cities With the Biggest Yards: How Tennessee Cities Rank

~ A List 2024’s Cities With the Biggest Yards: How Tennessee Cities Like Nashville Rank ~

Where can you be a city dweller in a house with a nice big yard With mortgage interest rates decreasing — aka more financial bandwidth to buy a bigger property — LawnStarter ranked 2024’s Cities With the Biggest Yards. Read on to discover how Tennessee towns like Nashville rank in size to each other.

They compared the 2,000 biggest U.S. cities based on the average yard sizes of single-family homes from the Federal Housing Finance Agency. Is having a big yard a blessing or a burden? They also conducted a survey of U.S. homeowners to find out. After perusing their ranking, explore the results of the Yard Size Survey

2024’s Tennessee Cities With the Biggest Yards

Most cities in Southern states like Arkansas, Georgia, and Tennessee finished in the top half of the ranking of 2000 cities.

Leading the pack among Tennessee cities is Lebanon, TN coming in at #35 on the list with an average lawn size of .668. The Tennessee city with the second larges yard is Cookeville, which ranks at #51.

Tennessee Cities in Top 100

Brentwood, TN ranks #71 followed closely by Shelbyville at #75. Cleveland and Maryville ranked at #94 and #95 to finish out the top 100 cities with the largest yards in TN. Columbia and Morristown are not far behind at #119 and #122.

Tennessee Cities in Top 100

Other cities on the list include Bristol (#162), Gallatin (167), Johnson City (194), Kingsport (203), Hendersonville (210), Clarksville (231), Jackson (233), Oak Ridge (269), Knoxville (277), Murfreesboro (305), Farragut (325), Franklin (353), Smyrna (385), and Nashville at #479 with average yard sizes of .342 acres. Spring Hill and Collierville round out the top 500 at #491 and #499 respectively.

Plan your next move with the ranking below. To learn how LawnStarter ranked the cities, see their methodology.

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