2024’s Best Cities for Grilling Meat: Nashville’s Rank

~ Where does Nashville rank among meat grilling cities? ~

Which cities are best for grilling a steak outside this summer?

With both summer and National Grilling Month approaching, Lawn Love ranked 2024’s Best Cities for Grilling Meat.

They compared nearly 470 of the biggest U.S. cities based on 4 meaty categories. They looked at local interest in grilling, access to butcheries and home improvement chains, and the average cost of meat in the area. LawnLove also considered ideal weather conditions for cooking outdoors, among 17 total metrics.

See the 10 best (and 10 worst) cities for grilling meat below, followed by key takeaways. (Don’t see your city below? Check out the full ranking.)
Best Cities for Grilling MeatRankCit
1. Melbourne, FL
2. Santa Fe, NM
3. Apple Valley, CA
4. Los Angeles, CA
5. Orlando, FL
6. Knoxville, TN
7. Fort Myers, FL
8. New Braunfels, TX
9. Roanoke, VA
10. Hesperia, CA

Tennessee Cities

Knoxville made the top ten coming in at #6. Number 48 wasnChattanooga. Murfreesboro came in at # 94.

Nashville’s Meat Grilling Rank

How does Nashville compare to the other 469 cities when it comes to grilling meat? Music City did not disappoint coming in right behind Chattanooga (#137), ranking at #138.

So throw a steak on the grill! Just make sure it’s real meat from a local farmer!

Photo by Hitesh Dewasi for Unsplash.

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