2023’s Dirtiest Cities in America: Nashville’s Rank

Thine alabaster cities gleam undimmed by human tears

America the Beautiful

The song may talk about gleaming alabaster cities, but many cities in the United States are dirty. Some are even filthy. How does Nashville rank in the list of dirties cities? Keep reading to find out if Music City is also Dirty City.

The Good, the Bad, and the Dirty

Rats, mold, pollution, and trash plague many U.S. cities big and small — but the problem is worse in some than in others. LawnStarter ranked 2023’s Dirtiest Cities in America following one of the trashiest times of the year, the winter holiday season.

They compared over 150 of the biggest U.S. cities across four categories, including pollution, living conditions, infrastructure, and consumer satisfaction.

Where Do Tennessee Cities Rank: Dirty or Clean?

Memphis is the dirtiest major city in Tennessee coming in at number 25, with low scores in living conditions rank, infrastructure rank and consumer satisfaction rank.

Knoxville scored a disappointing second, scoring a 64, mostly due to bad scores in infrastructure rank and consumer satisfaction rank. Chattanooga and Murfreesboro fared better coming in at 102 and 105 respectively.

Where Does Nashville Rank in Cleanliness?

Nashville did us proud coming in at number 127 out of 150 (with 150 being the cleanest city). Music City scored well in cleanliness across the board, especially in living conditions and pollution ranks. The city’s lowest score was for infrastructure rank.

See which cities are due for a deep clean — and which cities sparkle — followed by some highlights and lowlights from the report at 2023’s Dirtiest Cities in America. (Check out where your city ranks and some surprising findings.)

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