2023’s Best Cities for Pickleball Lovers

~ How does Nashville Rank for Pickleball? ~

Which cities are making a racket in the scene of pickleball, the fastest-growing sport in America?

To mark the debut of the first-ever pickleball reality show, Lawn Love ranked 2023’s Best Cities for Pickleball Lovers.

They compared the 200 biggest U.S. cities based on three categories. They factored in access to pickleball courts and tournaments, the size of the pickleball community, and local interest in the sport, among 11 total metrics.

Pickleball in Nashville

How did pickleball in Nashville, Tennessee rank? Music City and Memphis were closely matched with Nashville coming in at # 97. Nashville and Detroit (No. 107) share similarly high Popularity and low Access scores. Nashville recently celebrated its 2nd annual Pickleball Festival, and picklers are currently advocating for more courts in the city.

Pickleball in Tennessee

Memphis is not far behind Nashville, coming in at # 101. Knoxville, TN, scores an impressively high # 37 on the list. Chattanooga and Murfreesboro and Clarksville brought up the rear with scores of #125, # 149 and # 173 respectively.

Here are the 10 best (and 10 worst) cities for Picklers.

Best Cities for Picklers

1. York, NY
2. Austin, TX
3. Las Vegas, NV
4. Chicago, IL
5. Orlando, FL
6. St. Louis, MO
7. Mesa, AZ
8. Charlotte, NC
9. Tuscon, AZ
10. Cincinnati, OH

Worst Cities for Picklers

1. Paterson, NJ
2. Laredo, TX
3. Joliet, IL
4. Miramar, FL
5. Oxnard, CA
6. Pasadena , TX
7. Hampton, VA
8. Bridgeport, CT
9. Kansas City, KS
10. Cucamonga, CA
See where your city ranks

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