2008 Wild Goose Award Winners Announced




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The second annual Wild Goose Awards were announced in March when the nominating process began. Two new categories were added this year and twice as many people voted during April as last year, so we are pleased to announced the results:

Celtic Christian Group of the Year
• Ceili Rain
Celtic Christian Artist of the Year
• Moya Brennan
Celtic Christian Project of the Year
• Signature – Moya Brennan
Moya Brennan, who captured the Christian Artist of the Year title with 47% of the votes, only beat Iona’s Songs for Luca 2 by one vote for Celtic Christian Project of the Year for Signature. Other nominated projects were Jungle of the Midwest Sea – Flatfoot 56 and The Spirit of Irish Dance – Daniel Nelson.
Ceili Rain and Iona were tied throughout April for Celtic Christian Group of the Year until the last two days of voting when Ceili Rain surged ahead by three votes. This makes the 2nd year Ceili Rain has won the award.
Other nominees included: The Crossing, Ric Blair Band, Leahys, Flatfoot 56, Eden’s Bridge, Sheila Walsh, Daniel Nelson, Robin Mark, and Carol Arblaster.
The Wild Goose Awards are sponsored by ChristianActivities.com Celtic music page and the Celtic Christian Music Group.
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