18th Annual Christian Musician Summit Cancelled

18th Annual Christian Musician Summit Cancelled Due to Coronavirus Restrictions

Bruce Adolph and Matt Kees announce the cancellation of the 2020 Christian Musician Summit, Inc. due to COVID-19 concerns and protocols. In a statement on the Christian Musician Summit website, they say the decision not to host the 18th Annual Christian Musician Summit conference in Tacoma, Washington this November was an extremely difficult decision to make.

We have decided to postpone CMS 2020 due to restrictions concerning COVID-19, and plan to hold it in November 2021.

Why Was the 18th Annual Christian Musician Summit Cancelled?

The organizers say the decision to postpone was based upon the following concerns:

  1. Our facility will only comfortably fit 250 with physical distancing restrictions in the worship center. It also means that we would not be able to have any break out sessions, a key part of what the CMS is about when it comes to training. 
  2. To fit that number of people would require that Washington State be in Phase 4 of our ‘Safe ReEntry’ guidelines. From what we have heard from the Tacoma/Pierce Country Health Department, it is very unlikely that we will even be in Phase 4 by early November, simply based on how long we’ve been in Phase 2.
  3. After speaking with the Religious Organization liaison with the Tacoma/Pierce County Health Department, we were told that it is highly unlikely that churches would be allowed to sing with the standard 6 feet of distance, but instead require 12 feet – which would decrease our total number even more, possibly by 1/2. The conference is not financially viable at 125 registrants.
  4. The whole point of our conference is to worship… and to engage and learn from others about worship. We feel that these restrictions would greatly dampen our ability to do this in a meaningful way.
  5. We can’t continue to wait to make a decision, because at some point, we need to pull the trigger and do some more marketing… our numbers are low.
  6. Without marketing, we can’t guarantee we’d get the number of registrants needed to make it financially viable.
  7. We can’t even guarantee our folks who have pre-registered would be willing to come due to concerns with the virus.

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Adolph and Kees say it makes the most sense at this point to postpone CMS 2020 until November 4-6, 2021. For more information, visit the CMS website.

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