1-2-3 Entertainment Launches Outside Events

1-2-3 Entertainment has announced the establishment of Outside Events, a live-events company that develops, manages and markets touring properties and portable concert venues. Outside Events is responsible for producing this summer’s “Electric Barnyard” Tour featuring country legends Marty Stuart and Merle Haggard. In addition, the company will also produce the third annual “Festival Con Dios” Tour, headlined by best-selling and award winning group Newsboys.
In conjunction with the announcement, 1-2-3 Entertainment CEO Charlie Lico announced that longtime First Company Management operations director, Dave Wagner, has been appointed general manager of Outside Events. Wagner will be responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of Outside Events in addition to his artist management role with First Company.
Outside Events is composed of three major divisions including a mobile touring division responsible for designing and developing the “Extreme Mobile Venue,” a 10,000-seat portable concert venue that can be moved from market to market overnight. This portable amphitheatre will serve as the venue for the “Electric Barnyard” Tour and “Festival Con Dios.” Outside Events’ other two divisions include Creative Audio and Light, an audio and lighting company that utilizes state-of the-art equipment to produce concert tours, festivals and corporate events, and a business development group that is exploring new opportunities within the live entertainment industry.
“I’m very excited about the launch of Outside Events, because it represents a key element of 1-2-3 Entertainment’s vision and purpose as a multi-faceted entertainment and marketing company,” said Lico. “The team we’ve assembled is second to none, and they have proven themselves as innovators and leaders in live event production and technology. Dave Wagner has been an integral part of that process and will be a great asset to Outside Events growth and future development.”
Outside Events blends together the live event marketing, production, booking, venue design and promotion expertise found within 1-2-3 Entertainment’s core companies. By combining the assets, client base, contacts and experience under one company, 1-2-3 Entertainment will be able to offer essential services to the growing number of artists and venues which comprise the live entertainment industry.
“As the live event division of 1-2-3 Entertainment, Outside Events is another distinctive mark that makes 1-2-3 Entertainment unique as an entertainment and marketing company,” commented 1-2-3 Entertainment co-founder, Wes Campbell. “Outside Events’ team of innovators continue to prove themselves as one step ahead in the live event marketplace. From the cutting edge production of the Newsboys tours, which featured everything from flying spaceships and a 360-degree rotating drum kit, to the development of the prototype for what is now the ‘Extreme Mobile Venue,’ this team has been at the forefront of event production. Outside Events represents a natural progression for us in that area.”
In addition to the public events, tours and festivals market, Outside Events will also provide services to the corporate events and private sector that has become a growth area within the music performance industry.
“We feel like Outside Events is another step in our larger vision for making 1-2-3 Entertainment a respected force in the entertainment business,” Lico added. “With the business of music having changed dramatically over the past few years, 1-2-3 Entertainment is a company that is ready to meet the new challenges facing labels and artists.”
Based in Franklin, Tenn., 1-2-3 Entertainment is a wholly integrated entertainment company focused on music marketing, touring, live events and music publishing. Among the company’s divisions is Inpop Records, the label home to a variety of recording artists including Plus One, Superchic[k], Petra, Erin O’Donnell, Phil Joel, Shane Barnard and Shane Everett, Go Fish, Bob Smiley, Sky Harbor and Tree 63.


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